Watch the videos below to see what Caribbean Sailing Vacations are like on a luxury catamaran charter.

Caribbean Sailing VacationsSlivochka, 59′, 10 guests

Caribbean Sailing Vacations
Dolphin Splash, 44′, 6 guests

Caribbean Sailing Vacations
Amara, 60′, 10 guests

Catamaran Sailing Vacations
Aletheia, 70′, 10 guests

Caribbean Sailing Vacations
Alive, 59′, 8 guests

Caribbean Sailing Vacations in the BVI
Flow, 59′, 10 guests

BVI Caribbean Sailing Vacations
Alegria, 59′, 10 guests

Caribbean Sailing Vacations in the BVI
Best Revenge, 60′, 8 guests

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The British Virgin Islands are known for their smooth, turquoise blue, gin clear waters, beautiful white sandy and sun-drenched coconut lined beaches, peaceful atmosphere, laid-back island attitudes and friendly people. These catamaran videos will show you how luxurious these sailboats are as well as how smooth the waters of the Caribbean Sea are to sail upon.

A Caribbean sailing vacation charter is the perfect for exploring the British Virgin Islands. Can you imagine spending luxuriously relaxing days and nights in the calm and soothing turquoise waters aboard a sleek and beautiful catamaran sailing yacht?

Catamarans are the smoothest of all yachts when it comes to motion on water. Catamarans are designed to eliminate listing or rolling that creates a constant ‘flat’ surface from which you can enjoy your sailboat cruise without any fear of getting seasick!

If you want to delight in the luxury of a flexible schedule on your BVI sailing vacations as a romantic retreat or to bond with your kids, friends or family there is no better vacation experience that you will enjoy more than a BVI fully crewed catamaran charter.

Since these charters are fully crewed with a captain and cook are ‘all inclusive’, the cost of your catamaran charter comes with everything you’ll need to have a fantastic, worry-free vacation including all your scrumptious meals, water activities and an endless supply of house wines and ship’s bar. The crew takes care of everything on our Caribbean sailing vacations including all provisions, cleaning, laundry and cooking so there is nothing for you to stress over.

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